Our Events


The flagship hackathon of NITR. HackNITR is a unique platform to bring out your ideas and technological skills to build awesome projects and win exciting prizes and schwags. HackNITR 2.0 is ready be held virtually during 19-22 March, 2020. Visit hacknitr.tech to stay tuned.


Hacktoberfest NITR

We organise hacktoberfest meetups every year to celebrate open-source and help students get started with it. It includes interesting talks,hands on sessions and a lot of goodies and schwags to be won. Many beginner-friendly and advanced repositories were setup to help developers to contribute.


Preptember Series

We organised a series of workshops in the month of September to train students in different skills and technologies to get them started with open-source. A few topics covered under this series were Git & Github, Markov Chain Bots with Python, Design thinking with Code, Coding Interview Preparation, etc.


NITR Conclave Hackathon

We organised this hackathon at the 9th edition of NIT Conclave.Student from different NITs across the country participated in it and presented their brilliant ideas. The tracks were focused on various challenges faced by students across the technical institutes of India.



This was the very first hackathon organised by Opencode a few years back. It witnessed enthusiastic participation from all across the country and welcomed all the new,innovative ideas from the great young minds.


Option 2: jQuery, Popper.js, and Bootstrap JS