Our Projects


An integrated medical health repository system to help provide a framework for facilities to digitize patient medical records and easify their sharing across the care specturm to ensure quick and efficient monitoring while keeping the ownership at hands of patients.

Runner Up at GE HealthCare's Hack'E'Lth Hackathon.

SADRAT - Smart Adverse Drug Reaction Assessment Tools

A smart adverse drug Reaction assessment toolkit which aims at solving current epidemiological challenges faced by Healthcare industry using data from social media to monitor and predict disease trends and adverse drug reactions. It leverages advanced technique of Data Programming to improve predictive analysis.

Finalist at GE Precision Health Challenge 2020.


DelDash is an Intelligent Deliveries Dashboard and analytics accelerator for Healthcare Providers. A dashboard that provides all the details regarding a delivery along with the analytics related to the same which would help healthcare providers to have a better and technically advanced grip over any situation.

Winner at GE Precision Health Challenge 2019.


Hephaestus contains small automation/crazy/fun projects made using Python Programming Language. Games like StarWars Lite are built by our python geeks to enable the gaming arena to rise from the earliest home consoles to our PCs! Avail the games under this project by just starring our repository.

Track-I App

A desktop based Application that ensures a healthy blinking rate while we spend time on screen! The Application starts whenever a face is detected, hence no possibility of incorrect results. The application then starts tracking eye movements and counts blinking rate and alerts a notification to the user incase of a low blinking rate along with a detailed analysis of your blinking rate with graphs and remedies.

Winner at SchoolHacks, an MLH Weekend Hackathon


A set of tools to monitor customer behaviour and predict customer churn probability.

Top 10 at Vodafone India Hackathon.

Diamond Project

A ML-based project which predicts the price of a diamond based on its different characteristics like carat, cut, color etc.

Option 2: jQuery, Popper.js, and Bootstrap JS